Kalvarka.sk redesign

In august 2022 I have become the administrator of the page kalvarka.sk of our local parish church. Most of the work I have done here is “behind the scenes”.

  1. I have made the page safer:
    • removed unnecessary plugins
    • removed inactive themes
    • installed the security plugin Wordfence
    • updated php
    • updated all the plugins and the current theme
  2. Installed and set up Monster Insights to see what the users are the most interested in
  3. Installed a Cookies consent package
  4. Set up the intro slider correctly
  5. Did some very simple design changes

A year later, I received proposals for a re-design from a talented Graphical Design student Veronika Šudáková.

Old page:

The proposal for homepage:

The result:

And responsive design: